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Invol.in is a tool giving a voice to your audience.
At any event there is very limited interaction between the speaker and the audience.

We at Invol.in are using technology to solve this age old problem by providing easy to use tools.

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3 Simple Steps

No signups. No Downloads.

1. Visit invol.in

No need to download any app.
Simply visit invol.in from your mobile browser.

2. Enter Event Code

Provide the event code for the event you want to participate in.

3. Get Involved

Ask your questions, upvote others' and participate in the polls created by the event organizers.

Audience can ask
questions during the event

By simply clicking on 'Ask' the user can post questions anonymously or by using one's name.

Ask questions
Upvote on questions

They can vote on
the questions they like.

The most popular ones can be seen and taken up by the speakers during the event

Get engaged with live polls

Participate in polls and see realtime results from the fellow audience members.

Engage with live poll

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